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Passing Question
By Shannon Giel (2001)

Oh how quickly the fires die
We wait for summer, dreaming high
Burned to life, love is so fleeting
Just a figment of a dreamer's thought
So many times have i thought to love
With honeyed words I spoke my heart
So many times I've renounced that love
or with painful cuts, felt rejection near
And oh how quickly it passes on
to leave a soul empty, seeking more
And each time I wonder, Is this the one?
And look back at the last to claim the spot
At the blackened embers of a forgotten love
So many times I silently curse
not at a failed love, but at my own fickle heart
For if love is so fleeting, how can it last?
And if it was love, a thing of my own true heart
Then why is that 'once-upon-a-time' girl a stranger to me?

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