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US Net Neutrality
December 14, 2017

As some of you are aware, I spoke strongly against the current Net Neutrality Title II rules being removed in the US. However, the FCC has voted 3-2 to repeal them. It is what it is. The current FCC Chairperson disagrees thinking that the government shouldn't regulate the Internet Service Providers (ISP) and punish them for throttling, installing fast lanes, or even blocking sites unless you pay extra for them. It is his belief that the consumers will regulate this. In theory, this would be possible if certain areas like mine lack had any other ISP options. For me, it's one cable provider or Satellite (which isn't an option for developing websites or any of the other things I prefer to do due to bandwidth issues).

With this said, it is my hope that none of the visitors of my sites are affected. Hopefully, the ISP's are more concerned about their customers than profit margins. We don't have much choice but to hope that. Often I've found complaints to my ISP ignored in the past, but maybe... that'll change? Either way, I wanted to mention this in case access gets slowed down or even eliminated in the future.

Finally, if you are in the US and feel that your ISP is mistreating you and you desire to take the FCC Chairperson's advice to be the regulator, you can use the below address to see your options:

If anything does affect ability to code by my ISP, I will attempt to post any updates.

October 25, 2017

I am working on some things behind the scenes to get this project off the ground. It is going to now be primarily a Forum Board with different sections for both Family Friendly and NSFW areas. I think this will allow those who want to enjoy one section and/or the other to not have to worry about things.

I am looking forward to announcing it's opening, but have to finish a few things like the main page of it. I'll update here once it has been opened.

6.9.3 Arrival
October 25, 2017

There are a number of bug fixes and new features that have been coming in on the 6.9.x line. I'm excited to say that notifications for comments on particular weeks is one of the highlights of 6.9.3. I've also fixed some bugs that were found in the system and converted some of the old pages into the new style.

One other thing that I took some time to do was go through the Help area to eliminate and update questions that needed it. It looks like it had been almost a decade since they were last updated. As always, if you have a suggestion, please feel free to let me know. I enjoy coding the NFL Picks area and organizing the competition. The updates have streamlined things so I can go back to enjoying it instead of having to manually enter in a lot.

I've updated the system check winners script to check more often on Sundays so that the winners are updated better.

3.0.7 Update
October 25, 2017

I have changed up the more ambitious release dates to a hopefully more realistic set for the next few releases. I have been working on the next update (3.0.7) to try to get a number of new features and fixes out to our players. You can always view the progress of any of the releases by going to Mantis and selecting the version number there.

So far, I've put in a few player suggestions regarding Guilds to help improve the Guilds a bit. This includes showing which ones are open and which ones are closed. There are a couple of Guild related ideas that will find their way in 3.0.7 as well. If you have ideas regarding how to expand Guilds further, please feel free to pop some ideas into the Suggestion Box.

One feature that I think players will look forward to in 3.0.7 is the removal of the transfer limits when transferring from their inventory to their storage box. This should help speed up some transfers and since this is obvious stuff that already belongs to you there isn't a huge need for a transfer limit.

Finally, I've also put in a new Temple Buy List into 3.0.7 which will give players a better idea of goods that a Temple may desire to purchase from the town market. This will also be used by peasant towns as well. With peasant towns, it will mean what they will automatically purchase should they need it.

I look forward to giving updates in the upcoming week about some of the other features and fixes that will be coming to 3.0.7.

Historical Project Updates
July 29, 2017

I've taken some time to put up some of the pages that I have found for the History of Projects that I've done. I've updated YWADC as well as added Multiverse Traveler which was a MUD I ran in the past. This leaves only the Viceroy's Original Page to be uploaded. I found some of the graphics and old HTML in a folder this past weekend and will work on recoding it for the site.

July 29, 2017

The login system is now complete on Colonies. You need an alpha code to be able to join the game which is being given to a select few. The next step in the process is family name and character creation as well as regional names being added into the system. This will be the basis of every interaction between characters and is slated for work during this upcoming week.

We've also put up forums and a wiki to help get the game development going as well. I want to thank those who have volunteered to become an alpha tester. We will contact additional people as we progress forward. We have plans to announce some of the updated releases here. While in alpha we may go through a few different versions and looks until we get a system running.

We appreciate the feedback of our future players as well. There will be a lot of differences between Secfenia and Colonies. Do not expect things to be the same. They are carved from two different molds.

6.9.1 Arrival
July 29, 2017

16 Different Issues have been addressed in this latest update. It also includes the automatic system to update the winners at various times during the day. This should help make the system easier to maintain as well as let pickers get updates quicker than before as I no longer have to update them manually. I'm really looking to this football season and defending my crown.

Battle and 3.0.5 Update
July 29, 2017

Work is still being done on 3.0.5. We've completed a little over 80% of what we want to get into this version. There is a lot of new battle code being rolled out and I can't wait to have all of it out to the players. There are some major improvements with it and I am working hard to try to get in quite a few player suggestions as well.

With the Summer Event, it is also helping us test the Metal Golems and make the appropriate tweaks as need be. These will be items that players can use in the future in battle to supplement themselves. It is my hope to be able to roll out 3.0.5 by the end of August.

3.0.5 Update
June 28, 2017

We have been working on 3.0.5 which was originally slated for July. This date will probably end up being pushed back. Why? Because we are prioritizing the new battle system for release. This will end up causing some items in 3.0.6 roadmap to be done earlier. The first stage of the new battle system code was released for NPC's relatively recently. The next phase will be transitioning Player Versus NPC battles. Once that is complete and meets the standard that I am expecting, we will transition the other battle types over. It's my hope to be able to get this whole system mostly rolled out by the release of 3.0.5.

6.9 Arrival
June 28, 2017

Version 6.9 of NFL Picks has arrived. This version has many improvements including a new system to help manage it better from the administrative site. There will be a few notable differences for those who have picked with us in the past.

First, the deadline for picking has shifted from per week to per game. This should give you a bit more flexibility in putting in your picks. Also, you can pick as few or as many of the games as you want at a time. This should allow for better management for our pickers. Found out Tom Brady injured himself on the drive to the game and can't play? Log in and change that pick anytime before the game starts.

Second, the message system has been updated and fixed several of the bugs that have been in there.

We look forward to seeing everyone pick this year. I'll mail out to the list in a few to update them as well.

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