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Welcome to the Pandora Project

You have reached the home of several recreational websites designed for your and other's enjoyment. The blood, sweat, and tears of over a decade have combined to give our visitors an experience that we believe they will enjoy. We welcome feedback and strive to continue to provide our visitors with an unforgettable experience.

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Once you open the box...

You just might find that you keep coming back for more. We have a few different websites that might just peek your interest...

Created: 1999
Status: Active
NFL Picks was originally done by hand with a bunch of friends. The site is dedicated to being a free site for those who wish to pick all of the games for the National Football League (NFL) in the US. All of the pickers pick for pride and there is no money involved. During the existence of the site, we have seen many different pickers try to keep up with our first place pickers. Try your hand and see how you do.
Created: 2009
Status: Active
The World of Secfenia is a massive multi-player Fantasy Renaissance role playing game set in the 1650's. Using an IG Interface and forums, playings can RP and interact with others. This version of Secfenia is a successor to other Secfenia projects including the original Secfenia RPG (PBM/BBS), Secfenia: Age of the Viceroy (Forum Only), and Secfenia Dark (Story Series).
Created: 2014
Status: Development Delayed
Colonies is a historical strategy/RPG game. Beginning as a simple settler in a colonial period, you can build up your estate and raise troops to defend your home or even to explore the lands. In time, you can choose to rise through the ranks of the hierarchy of your realm, and take a significant role in either the economic, military, or political life of your realm.

Developer's Journal

The Developer Behind the Pandora Project maintains a journal so you can get an idea of the progress of the different projects. Check it out to stay up to date.

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