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Our Mission

The Pandora Project was created as a place for people of various interests to come together at our various websites to sit back, relax, and have a little fun. Whether you are into the NFL (#FinsUp), into Role-playing games, or simply love to share, we have a website for you. The goal is simple. We love to have fun and we want you to have fun too. Come join us and we'll be happy to have you.

What is Pandora Project?

The Pandora Project was originally created as a global umbrella for the websites that he manages. In various years past, different umbrella names have been used for projects (including Red Lion Productions, Tape Station One, and Viceroy's Interactive). On this site, you will see some of his previous endeavors as well as some of the things that he has written. Viceroy, as he is known to some, has always striven to create not only for himself, others, and his family.

Who runs/owns the Pandora Project?

Bobby Russ (aka Da Viceroy)

As a seasoned lover of RPG's, Sports, and more, he brings this passion to the web for the enjoyment of our visitors. Hailing from the United States of America, his background is customer service and computer science. With the help of volunteers, the Pandora Project continues. If you would like to assist or have ideas for new projects, please feel free to contact him.

He originally started off on what was the precursor to the Internet as we known it today. He was on several BBS's and watched as the web connected together. He was online before google and has watched many companies rise and fall online. He's had accounts on many of the different early web hosting providers before getting his own domain. Now, he resides over multiple domains all grouped under one umbrella - The Pandora Project.


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From the Dev's Journal

Happy New Year

January 3, 2020

Welcome to 2020!  We are looking forward to a great year for all of our visitors.  Here is an updated Development Plan for the websites under Pandora Project:

  • The World of Secfenia: Active Development.  We released a video recently outlining some of our future plans for the game.  We have several new features being added as well as planned ones.  Should be a great year!

  • NFL Picks: Active Development.  We are continuing work on improving Version 7 rolling out more of the new Editor to the mail system.

  • XFL Picks: Active Development.  We are nearing the completion of this system in anticipation of the XFL Season starting in about 30 days

  • Love a Gamer: Forum only site.  This site will need some touch ups for 2020, but is active

  • Colonies: Shelved.  We have officially shelved the game for now.  No current plans are being done to work on it.

  • Trinity War: Shelved.  We have officially shelved the game for now.  No current plans are being done to work on it

Shelving of Colonies

July 7, 2019

After some reflection, I have decided to shelve Colonies officially until further notice. Ever since I lost the code from the server crash, I have found it hard to motivate myself to recode. While some work has been done on the project, I don't think that I will have a viable code base by the self imposed server renewal date. As such, Colonies is shelved and most likely will be cancelled entirely.


December 18, 2018

2019 is fast approaching, but I can't help to feel a bit of excitement for it. 2019 is the official 10th year that Secfenia was in a public beta. I've watched as that project grows. I've also started some work on the other projects as well including hoping to get a couple out of alpha/development towards more open availability. Of course, time will tell what the future will hold.

Pandora Project Website

February 11, 2018

We have been working behind the scenes to update the Pandora Project site to a new style. We think this will help show off some of the sites under the Pandora Project. We welcome feedback on the site as well.

US Net Neutrality

December 14, 2017

As some of you are aware, I spoke strongly against the current Net Neutrality Title II rules being removed in the US. However, the FCC has voted 3-2 to repeal them. It is what it is. The current FCC Chairperson disagrees thinking that the government shouldn't regulate the Internet Service Providers (ISP) and punish them for throttling, installing fast lanes, or even blocking sites unless you pay extra for them. It is his belief that the consumers will regulate this. In theory, this would be possible if certain areas like mine lack had any other ISP options. For me, it's one cable provider or Satellite (which isn't an option for developing websites or any of the other things I prefer to do due to bandwidth issues).

With this said, it is my hope that none of the visitors of my sites are affected. Hopefully, the ISP's are more concerned about their customers than profit margins. We don't have much choice but to hope that. Often I've found complaints to my ISP ignored in the past, but maybe... that'll change? Either way, I wanted to mention this in case access gets slowed down or even eliminated in the future.

Finally, if you are in the US and feel that your ISP is mistreating you and you desire to take the FCC Chairperson's advice to be the regulator, you can use the below address to see your options:


If anything does affect ability to code by my ISP, I will attempt to post any updates.

Historical Project Updates

July 29, 2017

I've taken some time to put up some of the pages that I have found for the History of Projects that I've done. I've updated YWADC as well as added Multiverse Traveler which was a MUD I ran in the past. This leaves only the Viceroy's Original Page to be uploaded. I found some of the graphics and old HTML in a folder this past weekend and will work on recoding it for the site.

Pandora Project Website Updates

May 19, 2017

I've been working hard to get the Pandora Project Website back up to where I want it to be. It's been a long process as I only recently got more free time to really focus on all of the projects. There are still several locations that say more or less we'll be back soon check with the Developer's Journal. However, I'm happy to announce these are now fixed and updated:

1) Secfenia Dark has all stories up that I have a copy of.
2) Viceroy's Humor List is now back up on History tab. It shows an example of the old List as well as basic information
3) Poetry page is back up and running with 84 different poems by 4 different poets.

Hope you enjoy these and I'll update again once I get through the next stage.

Roadmap and plans for each project

July 14, 2016

Running the websites has been something that I have enjoyed to do. It is something that takes a bit of my time and I appreciate those volunteers who help me do it. With this in mind, I would also like to post some of what my plans are for the future of certain sites:

1) The World of Secfenia

I am in the middle of a major project known as Version 3. I have not gotten done nearly as many things as I had hoped partly due to work and real life. It's the nature of a single person coding situation. With this said, there are literally hundreds of code changes that will improve the players experience. Even after Version 3 is released, there will be a master list of items that I originally wanted as part of Version 3, but could not get done by the deadline. I will also be changing the numbering scheme from the current version + release (i.e. 2r51) and moving to microversions (3.0.0) like the project originally had. I think this will make certain bug fixes more obvious.

2) NFL Picks

I have been running NFL Picks since 1999. In the 17 years, we peaked at having 35 total pickers. Unfortuantely, we are down to 9. This is the same level that we had bck in 2000 when we were still very young. This site runs a loss every year. It is very hard for me to justify keeping it running for the future. Last year, I sent out a passionate plea to help us revive the project and it did not go well. With this in mind, this will be the last year that I will manage NFL Picks. It has had a very good run and I enjoyed the interaction with my fellow pickers. However, it is time to let it go. As such, there will be no further development on the project unless something major happens.

3) Colonies

Development for Colonies has been moved back to Quarter 1 2017. This should help us make sure Version 3 comes out on time and that development begin on this.

4) Trinity War

I love to be ambitious. My goal is to start development for Trinity war by Quarter 2, 2017.

5) Love a Gamer

This site is pretty much ready for consuption at the moment. I just need people to find it and join the community.

Happy holidays and plans for 2016

December 22, 2015

First, I want to wish everyone a happy winter holidays.

I'm working towards have time for development. I have several projects I plan on working on in 2016. Let me discuss a few of them.

Secfenia Version 3: This is a work in progress. Rolling out for v2 some things that will be core of v3. The health changes will be a key part of the new battle system. This will also stagger the difficulty level of npcs as well. HP ranges from a low 25 up to several thousand. The ways will migrate to more of the Warrior, Priest, Sorcerer style which I always wanted. I will announce 2 new ways as well. Players will be given option to switch if they choose.

Secfenia Pithos Version 2: The mobile site needs an overhaul. There are many fixes I want to implement for it. I will begin work on this after the new year side by side with version 3 of main site

Pandora Project: I will be implementing the ability to sign in and leave comments on the Dev Journal as well as connect the multiple accounts through the Project.

Colonies: I will begin development again on this game. I've been thinking of some great additions for the game that don't fit Secfenia.

Project Trinity: It is my hope to start Project Trinity late this upcoming year. More details on what this project is will come in 2016.

Finally, I want to thank all of you who enjoy the sites offered here. Your feedback and comments have shaped what we are today and my plans for the future.

New Icon

August 11, 2015

We have added a new icon across the Pandora Project to indicate when the Developer's Journal has been updated.


August 11, 2015

I have added Pagination to the Developer's Journal to help people be able to view the entries better. Hope you all enjoy!

Secfenia Dark

July 21, 2015

Secfenia Dark pages have been reuploaded to the server. All stories by Bobby Russ are fully functioning at this time. There are still some things to finish before it's 100%, but progress is slowly being made there.

Pandora Project Website

June 19, 2015

Because I want to get all of the original past content that was housed at secfenia.org a new home, I've created several new links on the menu bar. They are a work in progress and will be done over the next several months. Some pages are partially available to view now with errors in coding, some good to go, and others not viewable. A project I've been saying I was going to do is being worked on ;)

Pandora Project

March 16, 2015

We are working on some new tweaks to the Pandora Project Website that will hopefully allow you to get the information you want faster. For example, the current version numbers are now on the header. A new dropdown menu system replaces the old side bar giving you a view of the 7 most recent Developer's Journal entries as well as quick links to the various Topics, social media, history, and About pages.

More Regular Updates

February 16, 2015

My goal is to start updating this at least once every two weeks to give you all a better picture of the developmental process across the sites. I also noticed the Secfenia and NFL Picks links are not yet directing here like they should. This will be fixed in the next releases for both systems.

Developer's Journal Migration

October 31, 2014

We have successfully migrated the Developer's Journal to it's new home at the Pandora Project website. With this migration, we anticipate updating information a bit more often. Thank you for your patience during this transition.


February 26, 2014

It's been a rough month for me. Between having 5 stitches in my hand and some other delays I wasn't expecting, I'm behind in all of the things I wanted to do for the month. However, March will hopefully come with a renewed hope that I can accomplish more than I want to ;)

Network Maintenance

January 16, 2014

On January 17, 2014 between 1:00am and 4:00am EST, network maintenance will occur. We do not expect any downtime during this maintenance, however a brief period of packet loss and/or increased latency may be observed.

Server Updates Complete

September 23, 2013

There were a few restarts on the server during this time, but in the overall picture, we had little down time. I did have a little fun with getting the forum back up after forgetting the cache permissions needed to be changed. But that was minor.

These new changes will make daily backups a reality. This has been a work in progress over time and with the long list of things on my to do list... I'm glad this one is being done. This should make a better experience for all of our players.

Server Updates

September 21, 2013

There will be some minor server updates done on Monday September 23rd. This will mean that the server will probably be restarted at least once around the noon hour (EST)

Developer's Journal

September 17, 2013

The Developer's Journal was created to help players/users of our various projects to get a view of what's coming and what's on the mind of our Developer. Please stay tuned for updates!