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Poet's Note
By Shannon Giel (1999)

soulful dream is it real
feathered touch, not quite there
in these words i seek solace
in my dreams i feel your touch
you lit a darkened place in me
i am aware, but also lost

in my fear, i stilled the voice
would not listen, dared not leave
my thoughts unbidden, bared to all
yet still i found in quiet's sleep
that tender feeling, i dare not name
and hoped indeed t'was but a dream

i won't forget, now i know
could you think i'd call it love?
too soon to tell, too late to see
so with my silence i'll remain
i'll wish you well, and hope you believe
it wasn't just a random thing
my heart was in it, i do care
and in these words, my thoughts reside
i could not say them, but i can write
is it poetry, or just a note
for all i've said it could be both
and so with this, i'll depart
bid you g'night, and restful dreams
and now i too shall go to sleep

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