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One Step At A Time
By Nathan Albright (November 13, 2002)

One step at a time
We will walk
Towards a future
Side by side
Hand in hand,
As long as our time
Has been appointed to live.
One day at a time,
For we cannot hurry
This life we have
Without doing great harm
To anything we
Would try to build.
One week at a time,
When I see you at church
And everyone will know
That love is in the air
As they saw all along.
One beat at a time,
The hearts in unison
As we embrace nervously,
Aware that we have
Admitted feelings
We could not help but show
But were unwilling to admit.
One step at a time,
We must take this slowly,
For if we are
To remain as friends
We must balance the feelings
As we wonder now
If we should take this
To a different plane
Or if, for the present time,
We should remain as friends
That everyone now knows
Like each other.

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