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One Boy, One Girl
By Nathan Albright (1999)

He Sees Her:
He sees her
As he walks
Along his way
To some other business.

She sees him,
And she frowns
Knowing that he finds
Her to be attractive.

He smiles at her,
Winks at her,
And walks along his way,
Though happier than before.

She sighs in relief
Knowing that he 
Will not annoy her for now,
She relaxes a little.

He talks to his friend
And finds out who the young woman in
And gets her phone number
So he can call her.

She walks to where
She was planning to go,
Probably shopping,
And tries to forget his face.

He thinks about her,
And wants to see
If she would be interested
In going out with him.

She fears him,
Fears that he is interested in her,
Because she is not
Interested in anyone.

And so they are
When they meet again,
Accidentally once more
Somewhere else.

It was quite odd
How both of them react
When he sees her again.

First Conversation:
First conversation,
First of many he hopes
As he walks up to her in the mall
And asks for her name.

She shyly responds
Knowing that he wants
More than just a talk,
But at least a date.

He tries to keep
A conversation going
By talking about pleasant subjects
Not likely to offend.

She is rather bored,
But really polite,
And she is glad in the fact
That he will probably give up.

He confirms her phone number,
And tells her that he finds
Her rather attractive,
And very nice as well.

She is quite embarrassed
For she has tried not
To be all that friendly and nice,
But she is.

The Phone Call:
The phone call,
He had planned it for hours
Since when he met her,
And he had rehearsed his lines.

She knew it would come,
And thought of her lines,
So she could reject him
Without hurting his feelings.

He called her
Expecting to be rejected,
So he forgot his lines
And spoke from the heart.

She was quite shocked,
But altogether pleased,
So she agreed
To go out with him.

He was quite stunned
That she was interested in him,
So he told her
That he would take her to a nice dinner.

She was very pleased,
For now she knew
That someone wanted her,
And that she could be happy in love at last.

He was quite pleased
That his dating struggles
Were almost over,
Which was a great relief.

Together they planned
A date to remember,
Both of them glad
To finally see this day.

For all they needed
Was just a little fortune
And the faith to believe
In the power of love between

One boy, one girl.

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