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Looking Inward
By Nathan Albright (2000)

Looking inward,
I see my true self,
And sometimes it scares me.
For in me there are many qualities,
Some good and some bad.
Yes, I am a nice guy,
Far too polite in fact,
And also a predetor
When it comes to love.
It is time to stop
Being two people in one,
For I will be the nice guy
Who is a great friend
And a compassionate gentleman,
Rather than the lecherous fiend
Whose eyes appraise every woman
And who comes on strong,
Scaring off the nice girls
And prolonging the single life
That I have lived.
So it is time for a new attitude,
A reknewed commitment to friendship,
For if there is to be
No love in my life,
There will be friends
To keep my spirits up
All through the day.

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