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Look Away
By Jon Westrick (March 2002)

My friend, look away
Look away to the light
For what's that I see
Coming after the night?
The Millennium and
God's Kingdom
A great time of peace
The time when all sorrow
And heart rending will cease.
The time when all men
With God will unite
The time when old Satan
Will see the end of his fight.

My friend, look away
Ahead towards that light 
For we know what will happen
Just after the fight.
God's plans are established
And by this you shall know
For our love for each other
Will eternally grow.
We'll meet every man
That ever has lived.

From the darkest ages
Thru the eras of sin.
And then they'll rejoice
When the changes they see
They'll be in God's Kingdom
And how happy they'll be.

My friend, look away
What's that you see?
The wars will be over
The world will be free.
The feuds of the past
Will forever be lost
The Arabs and Jews
Their differences tossed.
And even the Assyrians
Forever will be
God's handiwork and
A treasure to see.
Then peace will roll in 
And the armies of old
Will turn in their weapons
In numbers untold.
The ways of this world
Will no longer be taught
And only God's way
Will be continually sought.

My friend, look away
Far away to that time.
A day when all creatures
Will ever be tame
When petting a lion
Will seem like a game.
The tiger and bear
Won't bother us none
And playing with wild things
Will be nothing but fun.
No more will they growl
Nor will they bite
For in the Millennium
All will be right.

My friend, Look away
For grace we will see
And mankind will know
How just God can be
Christ will be the eyes
And judge over all
And in his great wisdom
He'll give mercy to all
To those who repent
And mistakes overcome.
To those who  commit
And live by his Laws
For there are only ten
And not hundreds of rules
Like those written today
By the wisest of fools.

My friend, look away
That time is at hand.
When the small and great
Before Christ will stand
The end is so near
So don't quit the race.
Keep yourself running
And don't slacken the pace
For the crown it is worth it
Worth all of the pain
And you'll find in the end
You have lost less
Than you gained.
Soon, my friend, soon
Just hold onto the key
It will be God's Kingdom
And how happy you'll be

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