0001770: [Other] Amount of honeycomb produced for TH is off (daviceroy)
0001729: [Town/Town Hall] Add Beehives (daviceroy)
0001748: [Town/Town Hall] Town Election Clock Issue with Revolt (daviceroy)
0001747: [Viceroyalty/Legal Cases] Election Clock issue with VR Revolt and no change of leadership (daviceroy)
0001744: [My Property] Incorrect error message prevents upgrading house to level 4 (daviceroy)
0001746: [Town/Town Hall] Town Rancher view log (daviceroy)
0001743: [My Property] Negative number of roof jobs remainint in a house upgrade (daviceroy)
0001741: [Traveler's Caravan] New Quests for Foods (daviceroy)
0001735: [Viceroyalty/Legal Cases] Add Ability to Donate Viceregal Tokens (daviceroy)
0001737: [Town/Town Hall] Add wage to town log entry for Maintain Walls (daviceroy)
0001734: [Town/Town Hall] Mayors can mint gold into money (daviceroy)
0001670: [My Property] Meow... Errr... Add Cats to Pets (daviceroy)
0001731: [My Property] Add Ability to make Barrel of Mead (daviceroy)
0001730: [Tavern] Add Mead to the Tavern (daviceroy)
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