0001519: [Viceroyalty/Legal Cases] Viceregal New Player Introduction (daviceroy)
0001516: [Markets] Peasant Selling Food No Stats Showing (daviceroy)
0001509: [Town/Town Hall] Town Grants are not accepting inventory (daviceroy)
0001515: [Tutorials/Support] Add in how many of stats left for each level task still remaining (daviceroy)
0001512: [Town/Town Hall] To do list for Fenia Mentor not updating (daviceroy)
0001518: [Pandora Points] Patron Auto renew settings not being recognized (daviceroy)
0001514: [Events] Level Referral Bonuses Not Working (daviceroy)
0001513: [Traveler's Caravan] Traveler's Caravan shows '7' on main page when "Show 21 Score" is on, but takes 8 (daviceroy)
0001504: [Other] Mentor issuew (daviceroy)
0001506: [My Property] Add Storage Box link to Inventory and vice versa (daviceroy)
0001505: [Tutorials/Support] Tweak Help to no longer open a new page, but show on the same page (daviceroy)
0001503: [Menu] Lore button in the game goes nowhere (daviceroy)
0001501: [IG Mail] Tweak to Display Fields that are generated from text areas with new editor (daviceroy)
0001502: [Forums] Add CKEditor to NPC Profiles (daviceroy)
0001493: [Registration] Create auto mail from Community Manager (daviceroy)
0001492: [Other] Create Links to Forum Pages for Level 0 (daviceroy)
0001487: [Notification] empty notification (daviceroy)
0001491: [Markets] Tweak in spelling on shop event message for repair shops (daviceroy)
0001490: [Other] Parse error message when I click 'Level Pathway' button (daviceroy)
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