0001482: [Profile] Likely a dead person on Opulence list (daviceroy)
0001479: [Other] I am unable to accept a repair in my shop even though I have plenty of scraps. (daviceroy)
0001480: [Town/Town Hall] Essence - Code showing (daviceroy)
0001478: [Temple] Closed Temples will now have a message for mass (daviceroy)
0001477: [Town/Town Hall] On Town Add item to grant screen, will show blank drop down menu if no grants available to add to (daviceroy)
0001476: [Viceroyalty/Legal Cases] If no Viceregal Grant exists, add to grant screen gives empty box (daviceroy)
0001475: [Viceroyalty/Legal Cases] Remove all Secured Grant References for VR Grants (daviceroy)
0001471: [Viceroyalty/Legal Cases] Add in Viceregal Funds to the Viceregal Grant Add Money page (daviceroy)
0001472: [Town/Town Hall] Show Town Treasury on Town Grant add page (daviceroy)
0001469: [Other] Add in CKEditor to allow certain HTML styles (daviceroy)
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