0001467: [Pandora Points] Use Pandora Points to generate Points at double speed (daviceroy)
0001412: [Traveler's Caravan] Create a system to replenish Silver Exchange (daviceroy)
0001465: [Town/Town Hall] Can't upgrade mine - getting error (daviceroy)
0001466: [Markets] Steward buy from market can create a "zero" quantity bid (daviceroy)
0001455: [University/Skills] Late Teacher Signup Wonkiness (daviceroy)
0001461: [Tutorials/Support] Request Tutorial (daviceroy)
0001460: [Tavern] Text of menu item gets cut off (daviceroy)
0001456: [Town/Town Hall] BBC Code for Mentor Report Broken Slightly (daviceroy)
0001458: [Markets] Repair Shop Not Working Properly (daviceroy)
0001453: [Travel/Outskirts] Cannot forage with 3 remaining travel hours - no forage button (daviceroy)
0001452: [Menu] Can't sway peasants (Not sure if just mobile) (daviceroy)
0000196: [Tutorials/Support] Custom Sorting Option (daviceroy)
0001450: [Notification] Grant expiration notification has a broken link (daviceroy)
0001449: [My Property] Pets inactive only get counted while player is active (daviceroy)
0001446: [University/Skills] Class Summary Blanking out (daviceroy)
0001443: [Traveler's Caravan] Traveler's Caravan > Silver Exchange > Error message occuring after trying to "Exchange" (daviceroy)
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