0000207: [Groups/Armies] Army can instill fear in the peasants (daviceroy)
0000226: [Travel/Outskirts] Hang Peasants (daviceroy)
0001307: [Fields/Workshops] Working Field results in decay chance (daviceroy)
0001306: [Fields/Workshops] Scarecrow should decay (daviceroy)
0001305: [Fields/Workshops] Tweak My Workshop Category Screen (daviceroy)
0001304: [Menu] Vote for us button should be more noticeable (daviceroy)
0001303: [Items] Add +1 Mood to Egg nog (daviceroy)
0001301: [Temple] Temple Sacrifice use scraps system (daviceroy)
0001299: [Travel/Outskirts] Snow Delay option (daviceroy)
0000132: [Viceroyalty/Legal Cases] Peasants Declare We Love the VR Day (daviceroy)
0001293: [Tutorials/Support] Intro to UI/Gameplay Video after player's register (daviceroy)
0001286: [Temple] Orange Juice Barrels not available to use for Holy Drinks (daviceroy)
0001285: [Viceroyalty/Legal Cases] Wrong Gender on Title remove notification (daviceroy)
0001283: [Viceroyalty/Legal Cases] VR PR Message not allowing Paragraphs (daviceroy)
0001281: [Profile] Birthday Gift not showing on profile. (daviceroy)
0001280: [Other] Feed Buttons missing on pets (daviceroy)
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