0000190: [My Property] Legendary Custom Weapon (daviceroy)
0001237: [Profile] Last DiceMaster Game Played (daviceroy)
0001236: [Pandora Points] Remove No Ad Premium Slot (daviceroy)
0001235: [Pandora Points] Remove Money Up Premium (daviceroy)
0001234: [Pandora Points] Remove Buy Extra NPC Slot (daviceroy)
0001233: [Items] Can't remove an equipped boat (individually) (daviceroy)
0001230: [Other] Marriage box issue (daviceroy)
0001227: [Friend/Foe] Add to Join Family to Notify Family Head (daviceroy)
0001226: [Graveyard] Tweak Pick Flowers to be more balanced (daviceroy)
0001224: [Tavern] Add name item is not sorted alphabetically (daviceroy)
0001223: [Pandora Points] Add a 6 Month Option for Patron (daviceroy)
0001221: [My Property] New pet squirrel (daviceroy)
0001222: [Markets] Tavern shops (daviceroy)
0001220: [Forums] Only allow 1 Forum account until reach Level 1 (daviceroy)
0001213: [Battle] Bow skill profficeny not rising, I think... (daviceroy)
0001214: [Viceroyalty/Legal Cases] Tweak VR Mine Upgrade page to show VR Quantity (daviceroy)
0001212: [Town/Town Hall] Town Poll Notification goes to 404 (daviceroy)
0001211: [Traveler's Caravan] Allow up to 7 Active Quests (daviceroy)
0001210: [University/Skills] Weapon skill percentage not updating after duel (daviceroy)
0001208: [University/Skills] Weekly summary broken (daviceroy)
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