0001202: [University/Skills] Weapon Proficiency skills are no longer showing updates (daviceroy)
0001204: [Events] Squirrel thinks he's eaten even though I am starving him and health is going down. (daviceroy)
0001207: [Other] Message-less Gift (daviceroy)
0001205: [Viceroyalty/Legal Cases] cant return grant (daviceroy)
0001203: [Forums] Unable to connect to forum/tavern... Again (daviceroy)
0001206: [Events] Double event log when acquire Squirrel (daviceroy)
0001186: [Other] Weapons Proficiency Skewed (daviceroy)
0001199: [Other] Unable to repair Cathedrals windows (daviceroy)
0001200: [Other] Caravan Quest error message (daviceroy)
0001194: [Viceroyalty/Legal Cases] Add in VR Recycle can do multiple quantity recycle (daviceroy)
0001184: [Viceroyalty/Legal Cases] Unable to add names to Republic council list in prep for voting (daviceroy)
0001189: [Travel/Outskirts] Going to forage/fish/hunt option gives parse error. (daviceroy)
0001193: [My Property] Recycle in Inventory was incorrectly only removing 1 (daviceroy)
0001196: [My Property] Casual Equipment should break when over maximum HP (daviceroy)
0001195: [My Property] Casual Equipment is not aging (daviceroy)
0001185: [Markets] Mayor to VR Fair Item sale value broken (daviceroy)
0001188: [Town/Town Hall] Town Log Error Code (daviceroy)
0001187: [Other] Attempt to Unpause and gives 404 error (daviceroy)
0000202: [University/Skills] Class Summary for Week (daviceroy)
0001120: [Traveler's Caravan] Quest addition for Tied Dice Master games (daviceroy)
0001183: [Town/Town Hall] SQL Error on the Town Foraging Page (daviceroy)
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