0001698: [Events] New random field event does not match my fields (daviceroy)
0001673: [Viceroyalty/Legal Cases] Unable to provide witness statement when called (daviceroy)
0001647: [Items] Add Bone Items to the game (daviceroy)
0001671: [Other] Bug tracking link on mobile does not work (daviceroy)
0001662: [Fields/Workshops] Add ability to repair Scarecrow (daviceroy)
0001668: [Fields/Workshops] Events say cows died -- but no one told the four cows in my field - are fed, health > 50% and getting milked (daviceroy)
0001669: [Other] Money bug revolving around Gifting item (daviceroy)
0001663: [Temple] Remove faithful request for "Wedding" Counseling (daviceroy)
0001659: [Other] Mini game error (daviceroy)
0001645: [Temple] Temple wedding should require approval of both parties (daviceroy)
0001666: [Viceroyalty/Legal Cases] Change Civil Union Accept/Reject from Event to Notify (daviceroy)
0001665: [Viceroyalty/Legal Cases] Add Civil Union Fees to Audit (daviceroy)
0001664: [University/Skills] Civil Unions Money should go to VR (daviceroy)
0001618: [Traveler's Caravan] All 7 Workshops Quest (daviceroy)
0001651: [Markets] Diocese Fair Prices (daviceroy)
0001653: [Markets] Add Standardized Diocese Fair Preview (daviceroy)
0001652: [Markets] Standardize Town Market Preview (daviceroy)
0001628: [Town/Town Hall] Indy Town can petition to join VR (daviceroy)
0001649: [Fields/Workshops] Using essence to stop field work doesn't release the field to be worked by another. (daviceroy)
0001650: [IG Mail] Council mass mail not working (daviceroy)
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