0001507: [Viceroyalty/Legal Cases] Add ability to edit Witness statements (daviceroy)
0001508: [Viceroyalty/Legal Cases] Change Court Case pages to CKEditor (daviceroy)
0001532: [Viceroyalty/Legal Cases] Defence representative was not entered (daviceroy)
0001577: [Viceroyalty/Legal Cases] Add in CKEditor to Courthouse (daviceroy)
0001576: [Viceroyalty/Legal Cases] Viceregal Checks can now be written to one self (daviceroy)
0001575: [Town/Town Hall] Town Checks can now be written to one self (daviceroy)
0001574: [Other] Suggested Username fails on mobile site (daviceroy)
0001573: [Temple] 100% Corruption can lead to Priest being kicked out (daviceroy)
0001547: [Temple] Lack of Mass can cause Corruption Loss (daviceroy)
0001571: [Temple] <Text> The Arrows Delete the text (daviceroy)
0001572: [Items] Item links go nowhere (daviceroy)
0001566: [Town/Town Hall] Add sales of pets to the Audit Log (daviceroy)
0001570: [Pandora Points] Remove avatar when using the Deja Vu Potion (daviceroy)
0001496: [Battle] Extended stats not showing death (daviceroy)
0001560: [Town/Town Hall] Pay Tribute text to VR Log is odd (daviceroy)
0001550: [Other] Add "Online Users" on Mobile (daviceroy)
0001551: [Other] Add link to the bug tracker from the version number (daviceroy)
0001555: [Other] Add Preview, Spellchecker, Table, Horizontal Rule, and Smileys to CKEditor (daviceroy)
0001538: [Temple] Add Burn/Recover Log feature to Temple logs (daviceroy)
0001531: [Town/Town Hall] Change Mentor Letters to new Editor (daviceroy)
0001548: [Tavern] Sell to tavern (daviceroy)
0001530: [Temple] Change People's Representative Message to CKEditor (daviceroy)
0001533: [Viceroyalty/Legal Cases] Mail all councilors in Viceregal Council to new editor (daviceroy)
0001524: [Town/Town Hall] Move Mass Mail Systems over to CKEditor (daviceroy)
0001542: [My Property] I don't think Defender wages are being subtracted from the temple treasury. (daviceroy)
0001546: [Temple] Ability to Fix corruption (daviceroy)
0001545: [Temple] View Audit Points and be able to hire for them (daviceroy)
0001537: [Temple] Change Temple log from 100 entries to about 3 months (daviceroy)
0001539: [Temple] Add sorting option to temple log (daviceroy)
0001536: [Events] Affiliate text makes no sense (daviceroy)
0001528: [Town/Town Hall] Change Mayor's Message System to CKEditor (daviceroy)
0001529: [Temple] Change Temple's Message to CKEditor (daviceroy)
0001526: [Groups/Armies] Notification of someone requesting auth in army (daviceroy)
0001525: [Pandora Points] Deja Vu should remove Rancher position (daviceroy)
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