0001821: [Fields/Workshops] Unable to Hire in Workshop (daviceroy)
0001762: [Town/Town Hall] Seasonal Foraging (daviceroy)
0001818: [Forums] NPC Forum Delete Requests (daviceroy)
0001817: [Forums] PHPBB Debug Error regarding Count (daviceroy)
0001815: [Guilds] Ability to Donate any item to a Guild (daviceroy)
0001816: [Guilds] Add ability to transfer item to any Guild member (daviceroy)
0001814: [Viceroyalty/Legal Cases] Vice Donate Page Sorting (daviceroy)
0001810: [Travel/Outskirts] Online Status shows on Dice Master Main page (daviceroy)
0001809: [IG Mail] Add Online Indicator to Inbox (daviceroy)
0001805: [Registration] Add ability to Create a 2nd Character (daviceroy)
0001804: [Other] Allow Level Token use outside of towns (daviceroy)
0001803: [Viceroyalty/Legal Cases] Cannot Grant Titles Bug (daviceroy)
0001802: [My Property] Add ability to Release a Pet to the wild (daviceroy)
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