0001790: [My Property] Add New Items based off of honeycomb (daviceroy)
0001797: [Items] Add in Location to get Fruits/Veggies (daviceroy)
0001795: [Traveler's Caravan] Caravan Sell States what price they want (daviceroy)
0001796: [Other] Change Give Gift to CKEditor and store in Sent Messages (daviceroy)
0001794: [Traveler's Caravan] Add to where Caravan Shop can exchange multiple quantities (daviceroy)
0001793: [Fields/Workshops] Essencer should be able to cancel self-milking, shearing and slaughter (daviceroy)
0001792: [University/Skills] Allow Essencer to cancel Study (daviceroy)
0001791: [Markets] Add "Town Buy Recommended Price" to Item Sell Page (daviceroy)
0000128: [Travel/Outskirts] Attack Tower (daviceroy)
0001780: [Traveler's Caravan] Add Dice Master Games against Quest (daviceroy)
0001788: [Town/Town Hall] Add 30 Day Approval Rating and "Incumbent" to Campaign Screen (daviceroy)
0001787: [Town/Town Hall] Move Mayor Campaign Screen to New Editor (daviceroy)
0001759: [Viceroyalty/Legal Cases] Move Grant Screens to use the New Editor (daviceroy)
0001783: [Other] Upgrade CKEditor (daviceroy)
0001786: [Other] Add AutoSave to CKEditor (daviceroy)
0001785: [Other] Convert MyNotepad to CKEditor (daviceroy)
0001781: [Town/Town Hall] Advisor warns Mayor of low Treasury or Inactive Mentor/Rancher/Sheriff (daviceroy)
0001736: [University/Skills] Add Ability to Auto Set Hiking Option (daviceroy)
0001776: [Other] Dice Game (daviceroy)
0001494: [Other] Need Repair Recipe for Bouquet (daviceroy)
0001773: [Town/Town Hall] Add Town Directory (daviceroy)
0001772: [Temple] Add Option to give Social After Mass (daviceroy)
0001768: [Traveler's Caravan] A Quest Called Tribe (daviceroy)
0001767: [Profile] Special Events (i.e. Love Day, Phoenix Day and Winterfest) show on profile (daviceroy)
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